Summary of Sic Bo

Summary of Sic Bo bets

There are countless players playing Sic Bo online at our online casino. Sic Bo or Sic Bo online is the game that most players play. With the aim of earning money when choosing to bet on this game in our online casino. But how many long-term winners will there be? But in the end, few players can truly master Sic Bo’s betting skills.

In fact, Sic Bo is the ratio we often talk about. is the size of our dealer The dealer will have a shake of a dice jar in a clear clear jar. The numbers can range from 11 to 17 or 4 to 10, and the dealer can guess the general psychology of the gambler. whether big or small The dealer usually shakes one hand and shakes the other. At this time everyone thinks it’s a good bet to follow, in fact the dealer is laying a trap for players to choose to bet on. for playing online casinos Sic Bo is an easy game to play. And often according to psychology from many human forms.

The other way is to not shake the big or small and watch the money to buy for less because they make profit by killing big money to go with small money, so you have to buy it and have your own interest. It’s not very big, otherwise the dealer will follow your psychology and shake you in another word, play less, others pay a lot of money and you do it, if you win enough jobs you go if you lose a certain amount of money. about to go When you play Sic Bo, you are not in the same cloud, you must have your mindset and betting skills to stand out from many competitors to earn money in Sic Bo and become the casino king.