Scoreboard format

At present, the game of Baccarat Must record statistics as a technique to see the probability that the Player or Banker will be issued in the next turn by viewing a variety of baccarat scoreboards. The main parts of the scoreboard are 5 main formats as follows. This

1. The Big Road record of playing baccarat. in vertical form This allows the player to see the trend of the next turn to see what is going on.
– Player is a blue circle
– Banker is a red circle
– TIE will record with a / symbol,
if Player wins a blue circle will appear. If they win in a row, they will continue. A long blue circle will be formed. If the next turn Banker wins, a new red circle will begin.

2. Big Eye Road is used as a measure to see if the Player and Banker results repeat the same pattern. How much in this khon
– red means that there is a repetition of the same pattern. keep happening
– Blue means that the pattern has changed. Occur frequently

3. Small Road To put the results in Table Small Road close to the square How to Save Big Eye Road Small Road starts at the square of the grid 2,3 The Big Road to record their first table in the Small Road. difficult to understand For newbies, not recommended. But if any gambler is good at this baccarat table It can predict the outcome eye toward possible

4. Cockroach Road recording methods like tables Small Road, but unlike the models compare results from the table, The Big Road How to save a table Cockroach Pig begins at position 2. 4 in The Big Road table, which to view the statistics record this table It’s not recommended for beginners because it looks difficult.

5. Bead Plate is the easiest and easiest to understand table to record. There are 6 horizontal rows in the table to compare. The recording method is starting at the top left corner.

– Player Blue
– Banker Red
– Tie (Tie) Green

Record in descending order vertically. At the end of six vertical rows, a new vertical row starts.

Each baccarat table has different notes and symbols. which we have explained briefly So that everyone can practice analyzing the results that will be released in the next eye. Baccarat masters recommend looking at The Big Road table and the Bead Plate table, which can be the easiest game for beginners to understand.