Online Hi-Lo formula

easy to understand, suitable for all newbies.

Hi-Lo is a folk game that has been around for a long time. Sic Bo game is a game that you can easily play because many people are already familiar with Sic Bo game. Due to various tasks There will be old people playing the Hi-Lo leaves. In the Sic Bo game, 3 dice are used and predict who guessed which number was right. If you are a lucky person and can make money from playing games. It is recommended that you play Sic Bo games online. But if you still don’t know how to play Sic Bo online Today we have a formula for a Sic Bo game online, which is suitable for people who are new and who do not understand how to play Sic Bo games very much. It will allow you to understand and be able to play the Sic Bo game for sure

1. High and low bet

The easiest way to do it is to bet high and low. By placing high and low, it is a bet that does not require much risk because The dice will have only 2 chances to be drawn, high and low, with the low side being the numbers 3 to 10, the high being the numbers 11 to 18, you can see that it’s a very simple bet. But there will be a payout rate of one to one, for example, you bet 100, you will get 100 baht back, which may seem low, but it is a sure bet and can make you more money than other types of bets. And even if you are a beginner then stabbing a high-low, you can make more money than

2. According to the stabbing.

In betting according to the average result You should also look at the stats chart. How are the numbers drawn and which are the most frequent? After that, you always bet on that even number. Which the payout rate for betting on even numbers will have a higher payout rate than high-low bets And in addition, it is a bet that has the opportunity to come out often as well. Because game averages are averages attached to that number quite often. Betting on average will allow you to make more profit and money. This also depends on your bet. For the uninitiated, it’s like learning to read and follow the same result, but if you do not you try making a higher low ahead of time

3. stabbed Teng numbers

Suppose there is a number 1 that comes out very often. It is recommended that you bet on that number or look at the average and that number is issued every 3 eyes. In every 3 eyes, you only bet on that number. By betting on numbers, you will get the most profits. And it also allows you to make money with online dice games very high. Betting on specific numbers will have quite a lot of risks as well. Therefore, you should have more capital to play on the side than other types of betting. But I can assure you that if you do it right and the profits you will get a lot for sure.