Know the Baccarat Score

Let’s get to know the card scores in the game of Baccarat.

When the rules of online baccarat card games are to decide whether to lose or win on the points in the cards they hold. And whoever scores close to 9 points or gets 9 points first wins, so before entering this type of game You should know the rules and read the scores on the cards first as follows:

Rules of how to play baccarat The dealer will deal 2 cards to the player for winning, losing, winning. The cards will be dealt face up with 2 cards for both the player and the banker. In the first 2 cards of both sides, if the points on the cards are 1-5, the points must be Draw 1 more card. However, if the points on the cards are 6 – 7 points, they may not have to draw more cards. And if any side holds a card with a score of 8 – 9 points, it means that there is a chance of winning in that game. Simple Baccarat card counting is that A card scores a score equal to 1 point. Cards 2 – 9 give points equal to the number of numbers. On the face of the cards, the cards 10, J, Q, K will give a score equal to 0 points.

How to play Baccarat Online

Online baccarat was developed for players to bet on both sides, namely the banker or the player, who will win in that game by the deck of cards used in the game 5 – 6. The deck makes it difficult to guess the numbers that come out. and that’s the charm Another game that excites players at every stage of the tournament. Players can choose from 5 main bet types:

1. Bet that the Player (Player) is the winner

2. Bet that the Banker (Banker) is the winner

3. Bet on a tie between the Player and Banker (Tie Game)

4. Bets on the Player side will issue a pair of cards or the same face in the first 2 cards (Player Pair)

5. Bets on the Banker will issue a pair of cards or the same face of 2 cards First (Banker Pair)

Or may bet more baccarat as the casino will determine. All online gamblers should understand the rules. Be careful before placing bets. in order not to lose temper and lose money by using the cause