History of Baccarat

History of Baccarat

Before going to learn the rules of playing Let’s listen to a brief history. Let’s go first. I’ll summarize for you to read. For the origin of this baccarat game Originally from Italy Since the 15th century, by the name of Baccarat That means zero, he called according to the rules of Baccarat that said. Let face cards such as J, Q, K have zero values. And

in the 19th century, France has brought baccarat to develop its own game called ‘Chemin de fer’ as well in 1950, baccarat began to spread. And is known more to the Las Vegas casinos.

When baccarat has a lot of people playing So there must be a separate room to play according to the level of position Separated into a room for people who gamble low, medium, high, who will bet with low money. It is separated to the same room, called the Mini Baccarat room (Mini Baccarat), he will have to set the level of bets that will be

placed in each eye that is not very high. to differentiate the level of gamblers part to add more oiliness Let the gamblers in the room match. Can talk to each other like it’s fun these days, there are still separate rooms at the casino. Including online casinos are doing this as usual.

Even from the past to the present, more than a hundred years ago But baccarat is still popular. Baccarat format has been developed to be very diverse. Develop according to the style of the player. or the use of more or less skills Keep applying But the most popular baccarat in casinos or online casinos. Derived from the baccarat line named

Punto Banco, which means Punto=Player and Banco=Banker. that we can choose to bet on the player or the dealer (Thai people call it red and blue)