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this article, here we will show you our strategies for Poker Bonuses. The expected return of bonus poker is 99.17% in this game. This version of video poker is very popular, so this strategy is very useful to learn for players who enjoy playing online poker. In our Poker Bonus article We’ll explain a few things below. You can check out the topics in the content below. To take you to various explanations in our articles

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The first versions of video poker were born around the same time as personal computers in the 1970s. But there were only two versions, nothing like it now, but now Video Poker has grown to become one of the most played games in online casinos. Because it offers players the opportunity to have a good solitude and win. Especially if the best poker hand that Royal flush comes in is found.

Bonus Poker Rules.

Bonus Poker is a video poker version similar to Jacks or Better. Actually, the only difference is that in Bonus Poker you get better payouts for Four of a Kind.


So to start you have to choose your bet. You are dealt 5 cards from a standard 52-card deck. At this point you can either hold or discard each card. Every card you discard will be replaced by another card from the same deck. You will be paid according to the strength of your hand. You are not playing against the dealer or other players, so if your hand is Jacks or Better, you get paid. which is very easy! You still get paid for the Jacks or Better pair as the screenshot below shows.

As you can see above for playing poker in online casinos. The four types of ace cards pay more than straight flush. Aces Four of a kind, or Four of a kind of 2, 3 or 4 are paid slightly, but Ace’s Four of a kind pays slightly more than a lined flush, while Four of a kind of The 5-K will pay the same as the straight flush. Like most video poker, playing 5 coins will significantly increase the jackpot for Royal Flush.